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Welcome to Anemos Wiki for clients and the curious. Focussing on MAPS position sensors, this wiki represents the primary, up-to-date source for product and application documentation, first-line support, and general background information. Though the wiki supports handheld devices, it is best viewed on a larger screens with contemporary browsers and content can be printed out for personal use.[1] Anemos does not supply paper literature.[2]

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Anemos websites

Two other main sites are available: the corporate website for basic product info and purchasing, and an interactive demo site showing MAPS in action.


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Content creation

Only authorised users can edit the wiki (note, all content is copyright Anemos), but third-party contributions are welcome. Please contact Anemos with suggestions or feedback. For those with logins, the following will be a useful starting point.

References and notes

  1. Please review and observe copyrights and other IP restrictions.
  2. Anemos' footprint policy includes minimising paper use, waste, transport, etc. Please print sparingly.