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Precise Multidimensional Measurement. Absolute measurement using optical scales.

This webpage provides an opportunity to follow the status of the different hardware components, if one have permission to certain elements.

Information about the panels that can be found on the Demo page.

All the panels can be opened and closed by clicking on their headers.

MAPS 6DoF nano-stage rig.

6DoF nano-stage demo

  • Stage Positioning Control: One can use these buttons to move/rotate the MAPS Camera. The bigger the button the bigger the movement/rotation will be.
  • Stage Positioning Sliders: One can use these sliders to move/rotate the MAPS Camera.
  • Position History: The decoded position coordinates are being streamed in this element.
  • MAPS Camera: Multidimensional Absolute Position Sensors (MAPS) Camera view.
  • Microscope Camera: Camera view of the Microscope.
  • Position Graph: A 3D graph for visualizing the decoded positions.