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The importance of Anemos brand image cannot be overstated and this page aims to define that for consistency as much as absolute correctness. The brand styling applies to different published media and is modified somewhat to suit each case. It derives from primary standards and this page includes additions, deviations and emphasis for any particular exceptions or peculiar preferences. In precedence order

  1. Anemos branding and style
  2. British English as language of choice
  3. New Oxford style manual for a short reference [1]
  4. Apple style guide for inclusivity etc.
  5. ...

It almost goes without saying, Anemos branded materials should be accurate and of high quality. However, many style choices have to be made and remade, and will vary across different media categories or channels. For example, this wiki should be in descriptive or expository writing style and not use first- or second-person forms. The corporate website may be more effusive or persuasive, and can refer to "you" as the reader/customer. A blog post would often be written from first person and perspective, use "you" and take a conversational flavour.

General Style and Tone

Minimalist, direct and concise. As low-noise as possible (visually and otherwise).

wiki 1 oaij dsaoijs df ping
blog 2 asdf pong
webpage 3 oil oi jasdf
asdf 4 oijsodoij.

aosidjf oijsd asoidjf

fdsa 6 sadflij bias doit f oie f


SVG (not PNG) logos should be used whenever possible and these files found here.


Text alignment

Use left aligned, unjustified text on body text and most other text elements (headings, picture captions, box captions, table cell contents) unless there is a really good reason not to -- browsers generally do poor job of justification.


File names

Page names

Note page names are case sensitive and capitalisation of headings and file names becomes an issue.

Copyright notice

©2023 Anemos

See Also


  1. University of Oxford Style Guide example reference